Love will tear us apart

—Love will tear us apart

Saša Božić/Petra Hrašćanec

running time 30'

Triennale di Milano

24 March h 20.45

A performance blending genres and formats; a mix between new wave, introspection and abstract dance.

Love will tear us apart is a performance blending artistic and expressive genres, between a rock concert, a confession and a piece of abstract dance. It’s the first part of a trilogy dedicated to the relationship between contemporary dance and music. The ‘love’ in the title refers to the love for dance, for the act of dancing in itself. The performance by Petra Hrašćanec, for and with whom the solo was created, has a strong and disarming energy about it. On a sequence of post-punk and rock love songs, the dance constructs a script of precise movements, which appear as the product of both impulse and meditation. Dance as an artistic act and social event, the issue of ownership in the creative process, the active role of the audience in interpreting it: these are some of the questions the performance embodies and investigates.

concept – Saša Božić choreography – Saša Božić, Petra Hrašćanec with – Petra Hrašćanec music selection – Saša Božić, Petra Hrašćanec producer – Štefica Bartolin photo and video – Danko Stjepanović produced by – de facto supported by – Ministry of culture Croatia.

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© Danko Stjepanović
© Danko Stjepanović
© Danko Stjepanović
© Danko Stjepanović
© Damir Zizic